How to Become a Professional Musician

Most people will tell you the opposite, being a professional musician is a life of struggle and hardships for most people. Most musicians struggle to make money performing in bands, traveling, and finding live shows that pay enough to support themselves with. But there are so many other stories of professional musicians that thrive in bands, orchestras, symphonies, recording studios, and other professional platforms that require musicianship. It doesn’t matter if you play acoustic guitar, or an electronic keyboard, there are career opportunities for you.

So Where Do You Start?

Most musicians start at a young age. Often times parents sign their kids up for drum lessons, piano lessons, or guitar lessons. This might be the introduction to music that a young child may need. Having the influence of a parent may also be beneficial to the development of a child and their musical pursuit. Getting them involved early will give them the exposure they need to gain an interest in music. When your child reaches a grade level that allows for musical enrollment, parents should consider signing their kids up for those programs. Parents should also consider signing their children up for a multi-instrument music school that offers lessons from multiple instruments like the electric guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, drums, saxophone, and more.

Mental Development For Children

Studies suggest that children that study music early, benefit from mental growth more than children that don’t. Learning to read music and simultaneously play an instrument is also a great exercise for hand-eye coordination tasks. Multi-tasking with thought and physical performance really shape the brain for future learning opportunities.

Music In College

So if you have enrolled your child into music classes in middle school and high school, you will be happy to know that even more classes will be available to them at the collegiate level. If your child excels in musicianship, there may also be scholarship opportunities with a band, marching band, jazz band, and other performing arts. Getting a degree in the musical arts will also help to prepare them for career opportunities in the future. You can further prepare them at home with online music lessons that teach things like beginner guitar lessons.Guitar String Note

Employment Opportunities For Musicians

Having a degree in the performing arts can set you up for success later in life. Many musicians find work and play their entire lives without ever learning music theory, to read notes, or live performance. These are usually unique situations that involve years of practice and performances that give them the real-world skills needed to succeed. For those that complete a college program and wish to seek employment in a more structured environment, there are great opportunities that exist for you. Your local city symphony, local bands, audio production, audio engineering, studio musician, movie scores, wedding singer, and other local events that may present an opportunity to you as a musician.

Audio Production

Today it is much easier for people to get into music production than ever before. With digital audio production tools available on mobile and desktop devices, anyone can produce music from the comfort of their home. What kind of opportunities exists for audio production? The list of opportunities is literally endless with so much audio/video media being consumed online, producers now have the opportunity to record, edit, and mix, audio for any form of media. Home studios can now record voice-overs, guitar tracks, keyboards, and more from the convenience of a walk-in closet turned recording booth. Many Youtube channels sub their audio production out to online producers that specialize in producing audio content for platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud, and Podcasts.

Audio Editing And Engineering

Maybe you are less of a musician and more of a technician. With that being said, the opportunities for you to edit and master audio files is greater than ever before. People all over the world are recording audio in their homes and need assistance editing, mixing, and mastering those files. Purchasing a Digital Audio Editor (DAE) like Pro Tools will give you all the tools you need to make any recording sound better. These production centers come packed with features and have the upgrade capabilities to expand into a full-blown production studio. These DAE recording systems can be used on mobile devices like phones and tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

All said and done, the music is in the soundtrack of all our lives. At every stage of life, there is a piece of music that reminds us of an era, an event, or a time in our lives when things were different. These soundtracks are filled with uplifting memories, and sad moments in our lives. Everyone has listened to music, listens to music, and enjoyed it at some point in their lives. Learning to play an instrument will give you or your child the opportunity to create memories for others as they travel this road of life.

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