How to Attach a Strap to an Acoustic Guitar

Playing the guitar means you need the right accessories on it in order to rightfully rock out. One of the essential items you need for it is of course the guitar strap. Whether you use an electric guitar or the acoustic kind, you must know how to use the strap properly.

Using it properly on your acoustic rig means you must know how to fasten it on your instrument too. So what are the steps needed on how to attach a strap to an acoustic guitar? Read on and learn.

Putting Strap on Guitar

Guitar Strap On Acoustic Guitar

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The guitar comes with 2 buttons on it in order to secure the strap. One button can be found on top of the guitar’s body while the other button is located on the bottom of the body. Both buttons only need a single style of latching.

As soon as you have found the buttons for the strap buttons and the hole for your strap, slip the buttonhole on top of the button and secure it to the guitar.

Take note that at times, the buttonhole can be a challenge to stretch over and you may need to apply a little effort to do this.

This kind of circumstance is nothing major really, nor does it mean the product is defective. It only means the strap will stay fixed to your guitar throughout performances.

There are some acoustic guitar models which only come with a single strap button found at the bottom of the guitar’s body. If you have a guitar like this, you need to fasten the strap’s topmost end to the guitar’s neck. The strap’s top end is the end reverse of the slide or adjustment holes.

Fasten the strap with the help of durable leather strings which are often included with the guitar strap. Tie the strap to the neck by looping it firmly throughout the strap’s buttonhole.

Pass it underneath the strings on top of the nut, which is located at the top part of the fretboard and beneath the headstock.

Just make sure that the leather string is not in contact with the strings of the guitar since it will mess up with the tuning and the overall sound of the instrument.

Furthermore, guarantee that the strap is attached firmly and correctly. If the strap falls off of it, the guitar can get damaged and you may have to deal with expensive repairs. If you want a secure strap, you can search for different strap locks.

The strap lock is composed of 2 metal bits; one substitutes for the guitar’s strap button while the other attaches itself to the strap. The strap lock then locks itself jointly which gives a very secure latch.

Strap locks also come with quick-release features so taking the strap on and off of your guitar is made even simpler and fast. The instructions for mounting the item on the guitar come with the packaging.

Keep in mind though that every strap lock is built and designed differently and may require different instructions so read the manual carefully first.

Adjusting Guitar Strap Properly

The strap of the guitar is crucial especially if you want to play while standing up. Guitarists must wear the strap properly and one of the appropriate ways on how to wear a guitar strap is to set it to its correct length. If the strap was set incorrectly, the guitar will be uncomfortable and it can mess up the musician’s performance.

A guitarist’s method of playing and his or her height will establish the correct length of the strap. Most guitar straps are adjustable though and one can modify the length by simply tugging a segment of the strap by means of the buckle piece.

Here are the steps needed in order to achieve a good length.

  • Slide the holes of the strap’s ends on top of the strap buttons, which are located at the top and bottom of the guitar’s body. The buckle part of the strap must not be aimed at the guitar. Remember not to twist the strap while fastening it on the guitar.
  • Place the strap over the shoulders and get to your feet. Allow a hand to stay put on the instrument till you are assured that the strap was fastened correctly.
  • Make adjustments on the strap by drawing one end of the item throughout the buckle till the instrument is sitting diagonally to your stomach.Your forearms must be able to lean comfortably on the guitar body. You must also be capable of playing chords as if you are seated down while using the instrument. If you experience discomfort, adjust the strap some more.
  • Play around some chords with the guitar for several minutes and proceed with adjustments if need be. Comfort is the most essential factor of setting a strap. If you want the guitar to hang in the center of your body, you can leave it there. The manner in which you want to wear the guitar will be based on your style of playing the instrument.

If you have issues discovering a good length for the strap, you can modify the strap while seated. As soon as the strap is secure against the shoulder and before it starts to lift the instrument off of your lap, you can get off your feet. This must position the guitar in approximately a similar position as it would have while you were seated.


Knowing how to put on a leather guitar strap, a nylon or cotton one is a surefire way to a more comfortable and mess-free performance.

This handy guide has explained the steps you need to do on how to attach a strap on an acoustic guitar and make adjustments on its length.

Regardless of the type of material the strap was made of, you should always make sure that the strap is both secure and comfortable. That way, you can avoid playing issues and eventual damage on the instrument.

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