The 5 Best Guitar Cables Reviews

Need the best guitar cables? Before you buy, check out our reviews first.

Not a lot of new guitarists bother to look for the best guitar cables as the focus is often on the guitar, the pedals, the amps and other components. At least not until the cable down and you’re unable to play.

That’s why I decided to do a roundup of the top cables for your guitar. Contrary to what some may say, you don’t need trained ears to hear the difference between a high and low quality cable.

Since there are literally thousands of guitar cables to choose from, I’ve gone ahead and sifted through them and picked out the best ones.

I have also got a chart so you can compare the 5 and see their specs at a glance.

Top 5 Guitar Cables: Comparison Chart


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21 feet
.6 lbs
10 feet
.4 lbs
20 feet
.6 lbs
10 feet
.4 lbs
10 feet
.4 lbs

Best Picks of Guitar Cables

As you’ll see in the reviews, there is a lot more to cables than just meets the eye. They can literally change how your instrument sounds.

#1: Monster M BASS2-21A – 21′ Bass Instrument Cable

Monster Cable Monster Bass 1/4 Inch Angled to Straight Instrument Cable 21 ft.
  • Maximum low-frequency extension and articulate bass response
  • Enables faster transients and greater clarity
  • Duraflex Protective jacket
  • Custom Monster XLR connectors with 24k gold contacts
  • Durable, easy-grab barrel design

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The BASS2 is a high quality product that is designed to work with different types of musical instruments. With this cable your guitar will sound better as the articulation bass response is at its maximum.

The low frequency extension is at the optimum level, and the barrel design makes handling and grabbing easy. The quality built also means it’s ideal for long term use, be it for practice or gigs.

Plugging the cable in easy, and you’ll immediately notice the difference in the sound. There is greater clarity compared to using a run of the mill cable. Transients are quicker too and that explains why sounds are better.

Another notable feature is the Duraflex protective jacket that ensures the cable will last. Its connectors are 24k gold so it’s more durable than those found in ordinary cable.

So what do all these features mean for the musician? What it means is that is you’ll have superior sound, thicker, beefier, bolder. The cable is flexible too so it’s no going to snap in two even with extended use.

The BASS2 is an all around cable that’s as good for guitars as it is for drums. Either way you’re going to hear distinct differences as it sounds fuller. Since the cable plugs in easily you don’t have to be concerned that it will come off.

Highlighted Features
  • Durable built
  • Easy to configure
  • Enhances instrument sound
  • Improves clarity
  • 24k gold contacts

#2: Red Dragon Guitar Cable

Red Dragon Instrument Cable - Noiseless for Electric Guitar and Bass - 10Foot TS 1/4Inch Angled PL
  • BUILT TO LAST – TOUGH & RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION FOR STAGE AND STUDIO –High Quality braided tweed jacket red-black cables with gold 1/4 inch Jack plugs. A unique combination of textile structure and PE insulation allows tangle free movement. It’s an incredibly cool cord for your acoustic, electric, bass guitar or keyboard that is easy to uncoil.
  • FULL SPECTRUM SOUND – Premium professional electric guitar cable with brilliant & pure sound as a result of the use of clean raw materials and the low capacitance design. Get the highest level of conductivity due to a Oxygen-Free Copper (O.F.C) core, sending the full signal to your amp. In addition all connectors are hand soldered to ensure optimum connectivity.
  • LOW NOISE CABLE– Our silent audio cables cut out interference coming from wireless devices and electric current. Enjoy uninterrupted performances due to a high-density stranded copper serve shield acting as a barrier against radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Additionally an inside PVC layer acts as electrostatic shield making your instrument cable super resistant against “crackling” noise.
  • PREMIUM SWISS DESIGN AND QUALITY CONTROLLED – As a Swiss Company we are all about high quality products. Every cable undergoes a thorough quality assurance check by hand before delivery to maintain excellent quality and craftsmanship.
  • AMBOZ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Our cables come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can purchase with confidence knowing if for any reason our product doesn't meet your current standards, ship it back to us for a replacement or a refund.

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The Red Dragon cable is built for the guitarist who wants a flexible but sturdy cable. It’s been constructed for heavy duty use be it on the road, studio or the stage.

This 10 ft cable is equipped with a strain release steel clamp mechanism and a PVC jacket for extra durability. This design provides protection from corrosion, rust, and strain. It also comes with gold plate jack plugs.

The cable has a low capacitance design that has been optimized for bass and electric guitar.  It also offers full spectrum sound so high and low frequencies are clear. The end result is that you’re going to notice that sound comes out pure.

The Red Dragon also has anti-interference built in so when you play your instrument there won’t be any hissing or unwanted noise. It also makes sure there are no crackling sounds.

This is possible because its stranded copper is high density, and it functions as a shield against electromagnetic interference and radio frequencies. This in turn provides assurance that your guitar sounds the way it should.

The interference protection extends to cell phones and other wireless devices. So even if these are nearby, you won’t hear any disruptions.

The cable is made from Oxygen-Free Copper (O.F.C) core, providing a high level of conductivity.

Highlighted Features
  • Made from durable materials
  • Suitable for pros and beginners
  • Ideal for bass and electric guitar
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible and sturdy

#3: GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable

GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable - Right Angle 1/4 Inch TS to Straight 1/4 Inch TS 20 FT Brown Yellow Tweed Cloth Jacket - 20 Feet Pro Cord 20' Phono 6.3mm - Single
  • Braided Tweed Cloth Jacket
  • OFC Insulator Shield & Conductive PVC Shield
  • ONLY 38 Picofarads Per Foot
  • Super Durable & Flexy
  • Very Low Capacitance

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The GLS is a no hassles cable that’s been developed for professionals and beginners alike.  At 20 feet, the cable is long enough so you’ll be able to play guitar and the cable won’t come short.

The low capacitance means the sound is clear and pure, and it is not prone to disruption other low quality cables are. The cable itself is durable and can take a lot of punishment, and yet it is also flexible.

For a lot of guitarists that is what really matters, and the GLS does not disappoint. The flexible tweed is superior to the stiff ones that most cables have, and the insulator shield also boost performance.

Its Picofarad rating is low and the triple strain mechanism provide extra durability. It is also versatile, with the results consistent across different types of guitars.

The cable is not only dependable, but the hardware is also of exceptional quality. Setting it up and plugging in is straightforward and once in place stays there.

A lot of guitar cables are notorious for being flimsy, but this is one that is easy to use and does what it is supposed to do.

The GLS is not th8e fanciest guitar cable around, but it does not need to be as it works. For performance, it’s among the best.

Highlighted Features
  • Has anti interference built in
  • Durable and flexible
  • Suitable for professional use
  • High quality insulator
  • Low capacitance

#4: Mugig Guitar Cable

Guitar Cable, Mugig Professional Cable for Guitar/Bass/Keyboard - 10ft/3m Instrument Cable 1/4" (6.3mm), Straight Jack to Angled Jack, Tweed Woven (10ft, Cyan-Black)
  • Noiseless and high fidelity, has a good anti-interference ability. Good connections.
  • φ6.3mm(1/4") Straight and L shape male plugs. 3m Oxygen-Free copper AWG22 conductor 99% covered by helical Tin wires, and shielded by 4 layers protected for professional musicians.
  • Work perfectly on connecting guitar/bass/keyboard to an AMP or PA.
  • Cottom braided jacket protects the conductor from breaking caused by twisting and kinking.
  • Certified by UL and RoHS compliant. 6-months Warranty.

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The Mugig cable is made with Oxygen-Free-Copper AWG24 conductor, and this is what allows for superior conduction. You will also hear better quality when you use this with an electric or bass guitar.

This guitar cable is also compatible with other musical instrument. Just plug it in and you’ll be able to distinguish it from ordinary cables in terms of clarity.

The connectors are 1/4″ heavy duty metal straight to right angle, and that tells you how durable this is. The solder interior points have also been fortified so it’s not going to snap easily.

Its OFC braided shielding has been enhanced so it is now up to 99%, superior to those on other cables. For the musician this translates to greater durability suitable for long term use.

The cable is also easy to grip and offers a good deal of flexibility. Since the cable is oxygen free copper you are assured of its durability. It is also suitable for use with amps, keyboards and other instruments.

The combination of OFC insulator shield and conductive PVC provide the durability necessary for use in recording and when playing live. The fortified design also means the cable will hold up even if you are on the road touring.

Compared to the typical guitar cable, the Mugig offers more bang for your buck.

Highlighted Features
  • Suitable for guitars and keyboards
  • Prevent interruptions
  • Durable jacket cord
  • Available in 10 and 16 ft lengths
  • Easy to configure

#5: KIRLIN Cable LGI-202-10/B

KIRLIN Cable LGI-202-10/BK 10-Feet Straight to Right Angle 1/4-Inch Plug LightGear Instrument Cable with Black PVC Jacket
  • Straight to Right Angle 1/4" molded connectors with nickel plated contact
  • 20 gauge CCAM conductor with spiral shielding
  • Black PVC Jacket with 6.5mm outer diameter

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The Kirlin s a 10 foot long cable that you can use with any guitar that has a 1/4 inch output. It is also compatible with other instruments that have a similar jack.

Setting up the cable takes only a few minutes, and with its length gives you lots of room to move around. And even if you don’t know a lot about guitar cables, you will notice how different the sound is when this cable is used.

With the Kirlin you don’t need to do any adjusting just to get rid of interference as there isn’t any. This is in sharp contrast to the typical guitar cable that leaves your instrument crackling or hissing.

Here the sound is clear and is actually enhanced. Without getting too technical, your guitar licks, riffs and chords will come out sounding clearer.  It won’t sound thin or screechy however, and in fact comes out thicker and fuller.

The Kirlin earns a spot in my top 5 because its performance is consistent. No matter what type of guitar you connect it to, the level of clarity is up there among the best.

For small gigs, practice and playing at home, this cable is more than sufficient. It has the durability to withstand heavy use without compromising the results.

Highlighted Features
  • PVC jacket for durability
  • Straight to right angle
  • Constructed from durable materials
  • Works with all guitars that have a 1/4 inch output jack
  • Quick to set up

Why You Need a Guitar Cable

You cannot play an electric guitar without a cable.  If you don’t have a cable you will not be able to play other instruments as well. That is why I mentioned earlier that this is a necessity for anyone who is serious about music.

We don’t think about cables a lot and often just use the ones that we have. But as these reviews show, the difference between a low and high quality cable is significant.

In other words, don’t scrimp on the cable as it has a huge impact on the sound.

How to Choose a Guitar Cable

If you want to get the highest quality cable for your guitar, you need to look beyond the price tag. The most expensive cable is not necessarily the best one.


A good guitar cable is compatible with several instruments. Even if you plan to use it only for your guitar, compatibility may come in handy if you decide to play another instrument or your band mate needs one for the keyboard.


If you are going to use the cable extensively, make sure that it is durable. The last thing you need is the cable malfunctioning while you practice or doing a live gig. That’s why it is not a good idea to scrimp on cables.


This one is tied up to the previous point. Yes a durable guitar cable is a must, but it must also be flexible.  A stiff cable is very difficult to work with so make certain that it’s flexible enough so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Ease of Use

Connecting cables should be easy, but not all of them are. Some are difficult to put in place while others are very hard to remove.

Things to Consider Before Buying Guitar Cable

The major points are:

  • Length – most are 10 to 20 feet long, but there are longer ones available. The right length depends on how you intend to use it.
  • Insulation – look for a guitar cable that has an insulator shield and with an oxygen free copper for the conductor
  • Cables with double insulation is preferable as they are more durable
  • Avoid guitar cables with stiff jackets, especially those made of plastic. Instead go for a tweed jacket or something similar.
  • Warranty – the longer the warranty the better. Check the extent of the coverage as well.
  • Interference protection – wireless devices, radio and all kinds of electronic devices can wreck havoc on your recording. That is why it is important that here is anti-interference so your recording comes out fine.
  • Feedback – get as much info as you can about the company and reputation in the field.

Final Verdict

After reviewing these cables, I have determined that the Red Dragon is the best of the bunch. The other cables are also good, but this one has the edge in many areas.

One of the things that I really like about this is how well it blocks out interference. The clarity of the guitars and other instruments is also greater than those of others.

The Red Dragon is easy to configure and also offers the perfect balance of flexibility and durability. Yes it faces stiff competition and there are a lot of products claiming to be the

best guitar cables, but the Red Dragon is the real deal.

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