The 5 Best Drum Practice Pad Reviews

Practice-PadIf you’re a budding drummer with a drum kit at home, it probably didn’t take long before you were forced to find the best drum practice pad you can find. In fact, it’s even a great idea to just buy a drum practice pad first before you invest on a more expensive drum kit.

Practice on real drums, and it’s a great way to have people mad at you. Obviously, that’s the kind of practice that will make a lot of noise, and your housemates and your neighbors will certainly not enjoy the ruckus. But you have to really pound on the drums for long periods of time to gain some measure of skill.

A pad can do that for you without too much noise, and that’s just one of the advantages you get to enjoy with a drum practice pad instead. Let’s look at what you can also get with the top drum practice pad brands.

Top 5 Drum Practice Pad: Comparison Chart

Drum practice pad
Surface Material
View On Amazon
gum rubber, neoprene
12 inches
1 pound
4 unique playing surfaces, including gum rubber, neoprene
12 inches
3.85 pounds
Ambassador Coated drumhead, protective rubber
8 inches (available in 6 or 12 inches)
1.49 pounds
gum rubber, neoprene
6 inches
15.2 ounces
environmental & odorless gum rubber, sponge
12 inches
3.65 pounds

Best Picks of Drum Practice Pad

#1: Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad, 12 Inch

This 12-inch octagonal pad offers high quality for your drum practice pad, and that’s why it’s a bit pricier than normal pads. Its size is made to fit in a regular snare basket.

You also don’t have to change your technique when you practice on this pad, as you can mount this on a snare drum stand. You can then sit properly while you adjust the angle and height of the pad to suit your preferences. Or you can just fit it in nicely on your snare drum

Evans Realfeel 2-Sided Practice Pad, 12 Inch
  • PRACTICE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Evans RealFeel Practice Pad provides the best practice substitute to acoustic drums, so you can practice rudiments, paradiddles or just drum along to that song on the radio – without disturbing anyone. Portable and quiet, it works on any surface including carpet, table, lap or inside a standard snare basket.
  • TWO-SIDED – The two-sided design of the practice pad gives you options for the type of practice you are doing. One side features a slightly textured natural gum rubber for realistic stick rebound. The other side features a harder, firmer recycled rubber with less rebound for a real practice workout.
  • AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES – A variety of RealFeel practice pad models are available to suit individual practice requirements including a 6” practice pad, 7” apprentice practice pad and a 12” practice pad (not mountable).
  • PERFECT FOR ALL DRUMMERS - From the beginner practicing in the back of mom’s car on the way to lessons to the professional practicing on the tour bus, RealFeel practice pads suit every player’s practice needs, no matter how demanding. The natural gum rubber side is finished with a dark gray fabric that resists wear and tear.
  • MADE IN THE USA - For over 40 years, Evans has been a pioneer in drum head manufacturing and design. All RealFeel practice pads are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry.

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But you don’t even need a stand for this if you want. You can just rest it on a chair or even on your lap.

On one side, you have a natural gum feel that provides your sticks with the proper rebound. The other side is harder with its recycled rubber surface, so you can build your strength. This harder surface can warm you up, and can also let you work on your stick control and endurance.

It’s actually nicely quiet, so people around you will thank you for getting this. It’s even quieter than the other regular drum practice pads. The feel is realistic too. It’s why many feel that it’s the best drum practice pad for beginners.

Highlighted Features
  • You have two different playing surfaces on each side.
  • You can play with a more realistic bounce.
  • The other side lets you work on your endurance and stick control.
  • It’s very silent.
  • Durability isn’t an issue, as it can last for a long while.

#2: The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad – Four Different Playing Surfaces

This P4 from Drumeo is quite different from the typical drum practice pad, and it’s not just because it’s a lot more expensive. It’s unique in how it offers 4 different playing surfaces. Each one offers a particular feel and response, so that it can simulate the feel and response of different pieces of your drum kit.

These playing surfaces even come in 3 elevated levels. This helps them to mimic actual drum kit playing movement.

The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad - Four Different Playing Surfaces
  • Four unique playing surfaces on three levels.
  • Simulates the feel of actually moving around the drums.
  • Great for developing your speed, control, and creativity on the drums.

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On the top level you have a very hard brown surface. This is meant to give the feel of a ride cymbal. If you play in drumline, then it’s like the harder Kevlar surface snare drum.

Go down the next level and you have 2 different playing surfaces. The black surface on the left is a hard neoprene surface, which is quite responsive. It mimics a tighter hi-tom. The white surface to the right is the quietest of them all, and it’s like a less responsive drum. It’s meant to make you feel like playing on a floor tom.

The bottom level is blue, and it’s the largest surface. It’s the standard gum rubber, and its bounce is meant to simulate a snare drum.

With 4 different surfaces, you can have a wider variety in your sound when you practice. It sounds better and you don’t get bored. By practicing on this you can improve your power, enhance your accuracy, and be more consistent in your playing. That’s because you have to practice hitting particular spots correctly.

Finally, your movements can be faster and smoother, and you can transfer your improved skills easily enough from the pad to an actual drum kit. This is probably the best drum practice pad for rock.

Highlighted Features
  • You have 4 different playing surfaces. They all have different feels and responses, and they’re on 3 different levels. It’s like buying 4 different pads.
  • You can practice quietly and not disturb anyone.
  • Your sound becomes more creative and less boring.
  • You can improve your speed, power, and accuracy.
  • It’s easier to transfer you improved drum skills from the practice pad to a drum kit.

#3: Remo RT-0008-00 8″ Gray Tunable Practice Pad with Ambassador Coated Drumhead

This is also available in black or red colors, but the gray is fine too. It’s also available in 6 and 10-inch diameters. It’s meant for both beginners to improve their skills as well as for experienced drummers to maintain their chops.

This comes with an Ambassador Coated drumhead, which is the most popular drumhead ever. It’s highly regarded for how it provides the feel and bounce of a real drum. It’s also tunable as time passes, and when it wears out completely you can also replace the drumhead as well.

At 8 inches, it’s large enough so you can practice comfortably. It’s also not very noisy at all, so you don’t bother anyone.

Remo RT-0008-00 8" Gray Tunable Practice Pad with Ambassador Coated Drumhead
  • The perfect tool for the beginning drummer, but also great for the advanced drummer to maintain his or her chops
  • Features the bounce and feel of a real drum
  • Can be mounted on a stand for upright playing and has a protective rubber bottom for non-scratch/non-slip table top use
  • Available in 6", 8" and 10"

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You can mount this on a stand so you can play it upright, though the stand is a separate purchase. You can also just place it on a table. The bottom surface has a protective rubber that won’t slip on a table, and it won’t scratch it as well.

Highlighted Features
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It’s available in different sizes and colors.
  • It’s mountable.
  • You can play it on a table securely, and it won’t scratch the tabletop.
  • It feels and bounces like a real drum.
  • The drumhead is tunable and replaceable.
  • It’s a lot quieter than a real drum.

#4: Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad, 6 Inch

With the 6-inch model, the price reverts to the typical price of drum practice pads. At this size, it’s easier to fit into your bag so you can practice anywhere. You can just bring this along with you.

Again you have the gum rubber surface on one side. It offers a rebound that seems realistic. On the other side is another playing surface, and this time it’s neoprene. This surface warms you up and also improves your strength.

Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad, 6 Inch
  • RealFeel by Evans 6" 2-sided pad has a large playing surface that fits inside a standard snare basket, a natural gum feel on one side for the realistic rebound, and a harder recycled rubber surface on the other for a real workout. RealFeel by Evans practice pads are the most popular practice pad option available. Featuring a natural gum rubber playing surface with a dark gray fabric finish which resists wear and tear, RealFeel by Evans practice pads provide the best practice substitute to an acoustic drum. A variety of models are available to suit individual practice requirements.For over 40 years, Evans has been a pioneer of drum head manufacturing and design. Known for innovative designs such as EMAD, EC2S, and the Hydraulic series, Evans drum heads are made in the USA in a state of the art manufacturing facility. Acquired in 1996 by D’Addario and Company, the global leader in musical instrument accessories, the Evans brand is synonymous with quality and consistency.
  • 6" two sided pad with gum rubber and neoprene surfaces
  • Features a natural gum rubber playing surface with a dark gray fabric finish which resists wear and tear
  • Provides the best practice substitute to an acoustic drum
  • Also available in a 12" version
  • All RealFeel by Evans drum pads are designed, engineered and manufactured to the most stringent quality controls in the industry

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Highlighted Features
  • Its size makes it a portable pad (and a more affordable one too).
  • One side gives you a realistic bounce.
  • The other side is harder, so you can use it for warm-up or to improve your chops.
  • It’s quieter than many other drum practice pads.

#5: Tosnail 12-inch Silent Drum Practice Pad

If you’re dead set on find the best budget drum practice pad, then this may qualify. On one side you have a blue surface made of gum rubber that provides a nice level of bounce. The rubber was produced environmentally, and it doesn’t smell either.

On the other side you have a sponge surface. Its function is to keep the pad in place when you practice on it. Also, the sponge absorbs the sound of the impact so it’s quiet. You can therefore practice on this and you don’t bother anyone who’s sleeping, and you maintain good relations with your neighbors.

This may be one-sided, but to make it a better deal the price also gives you a free pair of 5A drumsticks. They’re 16 inches long and 0.6 inches in diameter, and they can help you practice right away. This purchase makes for a good trial before you spend too much money on a real drum kit. You can find out right away if you have the patience to learn and if you can sustain your interest in drum playing. You can also improve your skills quickly.

It’s also quite durable as well. It has wooden sides so you can’t roll it, but its heft and the surface underneath keep it in place when you place it on a table. You can also put it on a stand, though that’s a separate purchase. With a stand, it can be the best practice pad for marching snare for beginners.

Highlighted Features
  • It’s extremely affordable.
  • It’s quiet.
  • You get a pair of free drum sticks.
  • It’s durable.
  • It stays in place.


Why Do You Need a Practice Pad?

You’ll need a practice pad if you want to get better as a drummer. Even if you think you’re already good, a practice pad is necessary if you want to maintain your chops. It’s that simple.

The first and most obvious reason to get a pad is so that you can practice for long hours without making enemies out of your housemates and neighbors. You can do so quietly, and in fact you can practice while watching TV. A metronome can become rather helpful, since you can finally hear it.

It’s also a convenient tool to practice with even for a few minutes every now and then. It practically doesn’t need any sort of protracted setup, even if you do use a stand with the practice pad. It can be portable too, so you can play anywhere.

A practice pad also forces you to become better because it’s much less forgiving than regular drum heads. Actual drums have tone and sustain to camouflage your mistakes. With a practice pad, you can find out where your weaknesses lie so you can focus on improving those particular aspects of your playing.

How to Choose a Drum Practice Pad

You may want to consult experienced drummers who can tell you which pads are the best. Of course, you can also read our reviews as well as the reviews written by customers.

You don’t really have to factor in the price that much, since pads tend to cost about the same. For the most part, you can spend about $20 on one, and an especially good one can go for $30. However, a few special pads with multiple playing surfaces can go for more than $65. If you insist on an Invader practice pad, you may even go past the $100 mark.

You will want a pad that’s portable, so size and weight will be a factor. Most of the time, you can just roll the pads and bring them with you. Others aren’t as easy to bring along.

You also want to check out the surface quality. Many pads are double-sided, so you have 2 different surfaces to practice on. That’s better than buying 2 different pads with single surfaces. But others may offer even more surfaces, though they can get a bit bulkier.

The loudness factor must also be part of the equation. Fortunately, most pads are actually quiet, and they won’t disturb your neighbors.

Things to Consider before Buying a Drum Practice Pad

You may want to consider the following factors before making your pick:

  • How realistic is the feel of the surface? The surfaces can offer different levels of bounce for your sticks.
  • The size is also a factor. Bigger sizes may be better for home use, while the smaller ones are more portable.
  • Durability is something you will want to check in customer reviews. You will pound on them for long periods of time, so obviously they’ll suffer wear and tear.
  • Even color can be a factor. A cool color may entice you to practice more often, just like the color of your drums will make you want to play.

Final Verdict

Each one here works well enough for rudimentary practice. But for serious newbie drummers and those who want to maintain their skills should really consider the Drumeo P4 Practice Pad. It’s not just quieter than a real drum, and it’s not really hard to bring it along with you.

But its greatest asset is how it offers 4 different playing surfaces at 3 different elevation levels. It’s much able to simulate the environment of a real drum kit this way. You can boost your speed, consistency, accuracy, and power, and you can transfer your improved skills more easily when you switch to a real drum kit.

It’s actually a bargain at its price, when you consider that it’s like having 4 practice pads in one. It also encourages you to practice longer since you get a more musical experience. It’s a lot more interesting. All these features make it the best drum practice pad you can get for your money.

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