The 5 Best Metronomes for Drummers Reviews

If you’re a drummer, part of your job is to lay down the beat for your other band members to play by. That’s not always intrinsic to every drummer, so you have to practice to develop a proper sense of rhythm. That’s why if you’re the drummer you need to check out the best metronomes for drummers you can find.

It’s not always easy to have that sort of beat to follow without fail when you’re playing live. That’s why metronomes for drummers aren’t just useful for practice sessions. They can be very helpful for actual performances, so that you don’t make a mess of things when your sense of rhythm falters at some point.

The top metronomes for drummers aren’t mechanical contraptions, which are quite impractical with drums. Instead, they’re normally electronic devices that are powered by batteries.

Top 5 Metronomes for Drummers: Comparison Chart

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9v battery
5.6 x 7.3 x 1.7 inches
15.4 ounces
Two AAA batteries, 3V
3.3 x 5.2 x 1.2 inches
2.72 ounces
9v battery
8 x 6 x 2 inches
1.25 pounds
CR2 battery
2.9 x 2.3 x 5.1 inches
3.2 ounces
Two AAA batteries, 3V
3.3 x 5.2 x 1.2 inches
2.72 ounces

Best Picks of Metronomes for Drummers

#1: Tama Rhythm Watch RW200

This somewhat expensive model exemplifies many of the characteristics and features you’d want to see in a drummer’s metronome. It’s easy to carry as it is lightweight and its size is similar to many handheld electronic devices.

It contains 9 preinstalled beats you can work with, and its memory can contain up to 30 different beats and songs. So you can practice the installed beat patterns, and you can upload more patterns of your own.

Tama Rhythm Watch RW200
  • Tempo Range: 35-250 BPM
  • Tempo & Beat Memory: 30 songs
  • Beat: 0-9
  • Display: LCD display with backlight
  • Size: 5x 1.4 x 6

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Its tempo can range from a plodding 30 beats a minute up to a frenetic 250 beats per minute. More importantly, you have a dial you can turn so you can change the speed of the beats easily and quickly.

This has a backlit LCD screen that you can glance at to see various types of info regarding the beat. It gives the program sound number, the tempo in BPM, and the number of beats per measure.

Amazingly, you also have 6 small dials to control various aspects of the sound. Aside from the master volume control, there’s also a volume dial for the beats and for the various notes such as quarter notes and half notes. So this will work nicely with its built-in speaker, even without headphones.

It’s very easy to use, and it even has a convenient back button. The housing and keypad are also quite durable, so dropping the unit to the ground isn’t really a cause for concern.

This uses a 9V battery, and it can last for about 20 hours of use before you need to replace it. It can work with a compatible AC adaptor, but that’s a separate purchase.

Highlighted Features
  • It’s very portable due to its compact size and light weight.
  • The LCD screen is very easy to read.
  • The controls are quite easy to use, and they offer convenient functions for volume and beat selection.
  • You can use headphones, though the built-in speaker can be loud enough.
  • The battery can last for a whole day and you can even get an AC adaptor for it.

#2: Korg MA1BL Visual Beat Counting Metronome, Blue

The best beginner metronomes for drummers don’t have to be expensive and complicated. For some people, they can be very basic electronic tools that don’t cost much at all. This perfectly describes the Korg MA1. With the MA1BL model, you can the blue version.

You will notice that this is quite compact, so it’s virtually a pocket-sized model. Yet the display is very easy to read, and it will show you the number of beats, the current beat type, and the beats remaining.

Just because the price of this model is ludicrously low doesn’t mean you don’t get convenient features that no drummer should do without. It’s easy enough to change the tempo of the beats, as the beat ranges from 30 to 252 beats per minute. You can also set the tempo in several ways

Korg MA1BL Visual Beat Counting Metronome, Blue
  • Innovative "Beat Counting" display clearly shows: Number of Beats / Current Beat / Beats Remaining
  • Tempo (30 to 252 BPM) can be set three ways: Full Steps / Pendulum Steps / Tap Tempo button
  • 9 Beats and 8 Patterns offer rhythmic diversity; Full octave (C4-B4) of reference tuning pitches
  • Headphone jack with adjustable volume; Fold-out leg for easy viewing
  • Memory backup saves your settings; Auto power-off preserves battery life

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The unit offers a diverse selection of beats, as you get 9 beats as well as 8 different beat patterns. It also features a full octave of reference tuning pitches, so you can tune a guitar easily too.

While it does have a built-in speaker and a volume control dial on the side, you also have a headphone jack. The unit can also be propped up with its foldout leg so you can view the screen more easily.

This has a memory backup that saves your settings, so when you use it next time your settings remain what you wanted them to be. It even has an automatic power-off feature to preserve the battery life.

It’s not that the battery life is too short either. You can get the 2 AAA zinc-carbon batteries, and you can have up to 70 hours of continuous use.  Use alkaline batteries and the battery life increases to 290 hours!

Highlighted Features
  • It’s very inexpensive, so it’s great for young newbie drummers.
  • The unit is easy to use as it doesn’t have complicated functions.
  • With alkaline batteries, you can use it for 2 straight weeks without having to change batteries.
  • It’s very portable.
  • You can use this to tune various instruments like guitars and mandolins.

#3: BOSS DB-90 Metronome

Now this is the priciest model on this list, and it’s not exactly portable either. This also comes with a power adaptor, as it will drain 9V batteries in a jiffy.

But calling this unit a mere metronome severely underestimates how useful this really is. It’s so advanced that it’s like finding a new Porsche in a garage filled with beat up Hondas.

First of all, you don’t just get typical “click” counts with this metronome. You have 4 different click types to choose from, and there’s even a human voice doing the count. With the human voice, there’s no way you can lose track of the down beat.

BOSS Dr. Beat Portable Metronome (DB-90)
  • The most advanced metronome available. Trigger input to access unique Rhythm Coach exercises
  • MIDI in for syncing to external sequencer temposPCM sounds with “drum machine” style patterns
  • 50 memories.Human-voice count

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With the DB-90, you can even use sample-based drum machine rhythms. So if you’re using a piano or a guitar, it’s as if you have a real drummer pound the skins to give you a beat you can rely on. There’s even a reference-tone function for tuning your guitar.

What if you’re the drummer? If that’s the case, then you can practice along with this one. The tempo ranges from 30 to 250 BPM. It offers high quality sounds along with varied drum patterns so you get a lot of options. There’s a MIDI input so you can plug in a keyboard as well.

But for beginners, the really helpful function here is the Rhythm Coach feature. This will teach you to be the best drummer you can be, and it will still be helpful when you’ve become an experienced drummer.

Highlighted Features
  • It offers various beats and patterns.
  • The beats can even come in a human voice.
  • You can plug in various instruments and keyboards.
  • While you can use headphones, the speakers can be really loud so you can hear the beats over the sound of your drums.
  • You can also control the volume of individual beats.
  • It’s programmable, and its memory can contain up to 50 different beats.

#4: Boss DB-30C Dr. Beat Metronome

This is a fairly affordable model for drummers, and it offers quite a selection of advanced features. However, it’s also quite compact and lightweight, so you can bring it pretty much anywhere as it can fit in your pocket.

Despite its small size, it offers a nice enough speaker as well as a jack for your headphones. In fact, you can just disregard the sound altogether and get visual cues through its lights for the beats.

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It can handle a wide range of time signatures, including up to 17 beats per measure. It also offers a wide variety of beat patterns so you can practice with the beats of different musical genres. For piano and guitar players, this is quite useful.

It’s also great for young budding musicians. Adjust the volume and tempo of the beats won’t give you a problem. It’s easy enough to use that even a 5-year old won’t have any trouble with it. It saves the settings upon powering down so when you turn it on again your previous settings have been preserved.

Highlighted Features
  • It’s very easy to use, and children won’t have trouble using it.
  • It’s extremely portable, so much so that you can fit it in your pocket.
  • The price is quite reasonable as well.
  • It offers many types of beats and patterns.
  • The LCD screen is quite large and easy to read.

#5: Korg MA1RD Visual Beat Counting Metronome – Red

This is exactly the same as the Korg MA1BL, except this time it’s in red. So once again we have a no-fuss simple metronome that costs as much as 2 cups of premium coffee. It’s that affordable.

That’s not to say that its quality is cheap. It’s very compact and lightweight so you can bring it anywhere, and its small size partly explains the low price.

What’s uprising is that it offers quite a few helpful features even in this modest price range. The sizable display clear shows various bits of info, including the number of beats, the current type of beat, and the beats remaining. It also has a fold-out leg that can prop up the metronome so you can read it more easily as you play your instrument.

Korg MA1RD Visual Beat Counting Metronome - Red
  • Innovative "Beat Counting" display clearly shows: Number of Beats / Current Beat / Beats Remaining
  • Tempo (30 to 252 BPM) can be set three ways: Full Steps / Pendulum Steps / Tap Tempo button
  • 9 Beats and 8 Patterns offer rhythmic diversity; Full octave (C4-B4) of reference tuning pitches
  • Headphone jack with adjustable volume; Fold-out leg for easy viewing
  • Memory backup saves your settings; Auto power-off preserves battery life

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You also have a tempo range of 30 to 252 BPM. It offers 9 different beats as well as 8 different rhythm patterns. You don’t just have the beats to guide you. You have visual cues as well.

By learning these patterns, you can better play with different types of musical styles. In fact, you can use this to practice with your piano, guitar, or some other melodic instrument. It even has a reference tuning function so you can make sure your guitar is in tune.

The volume is adjustable, and you can plug in a headphone. But the built-in speakers should suffice for most people. The auto power off function preserves the battery life, but don’t worry about battery lifespan. With alkaline batteries, you can get up to 290 hours of continuous operation.

Highlighted Features
  • It’s extremely affordable.
  • Its compact size makes it eminently portable.
  • You get a wide variety of patterns and beats.
  • The battery life can last for a very long time.
  • It’s easy enough to use.
  • You can use it to tune your guitar.

What are Metronomes for Drummers?

Metronomes are devices that provide a steady beat to guide budding musicians. Traditional metronomes are mechanical devices that are wound by hand, but these devices are too limited to be the best metronomes for use with drums.

Modern metronomes for drummers are generally powered by electricity. Most of the time, they use batteries so that you’re untroubled by cumbersome power adaptor wires.

These devices often offer a wide variety of beats to train you for various styles of music. They’re also generally mountable in drums so you have a handy and secure place to put them. They also have speakers and a jack for headphones so you can really make sure you can hear the metronome beats over the loud pounding of the drums.

More advanced models offer even more innovative features. These include teaching modules and programmable features. For those who want to learn more efficiently, these features can truly help.

How to Choose a Metronome for Drummers

Determining the best metronomes for drummers in the market today isn’t always easy. There are too many options that can it be confusing, especially for beginners. It will most likely involve a bit of research.

One way to start your research is to discuss the topic with other drummers whom you know and trust. They can then tell you about the metronomes they’ve used and speak about their benefits and drawbacks. You can talk about this with others in person, and you can also discuss the matter over online forums.

You can also look over various reviews online. A good place to start is with our own list of best metronomes for drummers. But you can most likely find other reputable sources online.

Of course, you can also look over various customer reviews as well. If a product has received numerous customer reviews and the vast majority of them offer a high rating, then it’s likely that the metronome they recommend will suit you too.

When you look over the advertisement and metronomes for drummers reviews, you can check out the prices and the various features they offer. Some offer only the basic features, and they’re good enough for those who are on a budget. If you wish to spend more money for advanced features, you simply have to check whether the model you’re considering does have the features you want.

Some factors you may want to focus on aside from the price will be the portability. If you insist on a portable metronome for live performances, then it should be battery powered and the batteries should last as long as your performances.

The size and the weight of the unit will also be crucial. If it’s too bulky and heavy, then it’s probably designed more for home use.

You should check the volume controls, so that you can confirm that it can be heard over the din of the drums. A socket for your headphones will also be convenient.

If you’re looking to learn, then you’ll want to see if the unit has teaching modules for you to learn at you own pace. At the very least, it should have a variety of beat styles that you can practice so you can gain some experience in different types of musical genres.

Advantages of Owning a Metronome for Drummers

Here are some good reasons to own a metronome if you’re a drummer:

  • It can help develop your sense of timing.
  • It can make your drum practice sessions more interesting and more productive.
  • It’s portable and usually mountable.
  • You’re guided by a perfect beat during a live performance.
  • The metronome teaches you different beat styles for various types of music.
  • Some are simple enough that children can use it for other instruments (like the piano or a guitar).

Final Verdict

Exactly what kind of metronome do you want? You have lots of options, including basic portable ones and extremely advanced metronomes for home use. However, if you want something advanced and portable then you should go with the Tama Rhythm Watch RW200.

It offers a wide variety of advanced features, and experienced drummers can use this for many types of practice sessions. For newbies, it’s a handy tool to teach themselves how to be better musicians and drummers. The separate controls for the volume are super-convenient, and the built-in speaker is certainly loud enough. It’s even quite durable. Many consider this as among the best metronomes for drummers, and you’ll consider it a wise investment in the long run.


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