The 5 Best Snare Wires Reviews

Are you looking for the best snare wires and cannot decide what to buy? No need to fret as I have compiled the top 5 snare that you can buy online.

The snare wire is what provides character to a snare. As any drummer will tell you, it will create a huge impact in terms of performance and quality.

When you play drums and you hear that buzzing and rattling, that is the snare wire coming into effect. If you have high quality wires on your drum kit you’ll notice the difference in sound quality.

Snare wires come in a wide range of sizes and materials. To make things simpler for you, I have put together these reviews.

 Top 5 Snare Wires: Comparison Chart

Number of Wires
 Suited for
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14 inch snare
Rock, jazz, fusion, metal, pop
14 inch snare
Jazz, rock, metal
14 inch snare
Rock, jazz, pop
14 inch snare
Fusion, jazz, rock
14 inch snare
Rock, jazz, metal

PureSound Super 30 Series Snare Wire

#1: PureSound Super 30 Series Snare Wire

PureSound Super 30 Series Snare Wire, 30 Strand, 14 Inch - S1430
  • Designed for 14" snare drums; 30 strands of wire
  • Evenly spaced coiled snare wires offer consistent snare response
  • 30 strands of medium gauge wire offer penetrating snare presence
  • Steel coil produces a quick and crisp snare response
  • All PureSound Snare Wires are designed and manufactured in the USA

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The Puresound 30 strand snare wires are made for serious drumming. Compared to regular wires the PureSound takes drumming to new heights.

With its medium gauge, 30 strand wires, you get a more powerful, piercing presence. 30 strands is the ideal number for a lot of drummers as it gives your snare the right amount of sharpness not present in other wires.

The snare wires work well with different types of music, including jazz, rock, folk, pop, fusion and so on. it’s a good thing the number is at 30 as anything higher is bound to create some problems at the low end.

The performance and build quality are good, and they are also built to last. The built quality is especially good if you play aggressive as the sound comes out sharply.

The tone is crisp and its fidelity is among the best that I’ve come across in this range. The way the snare wires have been put together makes it ideal for experimental drumming too.

The steel coil is another plus as it helps generate crisp and quick responses. And like the others in the Custom Series, this is also handcrafted.

The end result are wires that boost snare articulation and response. These are also superior to other wires as the sound is sharper and clearer.

Highlighted Features
  • 30 wire gauge
  • Even coil spacing
  • Made from solid materials
  • Produces consistent snare response
  • Great for 14 inch drums

#2: Pearl S022 20 Strand for 14-inch Snare Drums


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This is one of the top snare wires in the industry today, offering high quality design and dependable performance.  It is easy to use and has excellent functionality, just what you need for a snare drum.

The 20 wires built into this are among the most impressive that I’ve come across. With the way it’s been put together allows for exceptional drumming. The built is simple but effective, and it adds a lot in terms of range.

The snare functions well with 14 inch snare drums, and it is convenient to set up. Just make sure that the wires are indeed configured properly so you’ll get the results you are looking for.

The S022 also has a light indent that allows for the right contact with the head of the drum. For drumming purposes this makes a huge difference especially the sound.

The other benefit is that the wiring is well made. It works with different types of snare drum materials that don’t affect the sound quality at all.

The end result is you have snare wires that deliver high quality performance, day in day out. Whether you’re a seasoned drummer or just starting out, these snare wires will bring out the best in you.

Bottom line is the sound is superb and will take your drumming to a high level of proficiency.

Highlighted Features
  • High quality wires
  • Solidly built
  • Distinct sound
  • Suitable for 14 inch drums
  • High quality fabric

#3: PureSound Custom Pro Brass Snare Wire 24 Strand

PureSound Custom Pro Brass Snare Wire 24 Strand, 14 Inch - CPB1424
  • Designed for 14" snare drums; 24 strands of wire
  • Speed Release Strap allows the player to disengage the snare wires for quick head or snare wire changes
  • Anti-choke end plates lift the coils away from the edge to reduce sympathetic buzz and increase the wire tension range
  • Brass coil produces a bright and resonant snare response
  • Numbered alignment marks on the straps ensure straight and repeatable positioning in the clamp

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Puresound snare wires are equipped with a high quality brass coil that improves performance. Brass is not often used but it works well here in terms of improving the tone.

Pure Sound has always been known for making quality products, and this one is no exception. Setting the snare wire is straightforward so even if you’ve not done this before,  you won’t have any issues getting the wires set.

The snare wire is well balanced and adds a level of subtlety that is not present in other snare snare wires. Because of its subtlety, this wire is something that you’ll want to use for less aggressive music.

There is also number alignment that ensures the straps are going to be straight and can be positioned with ease. This feature takes out a lot of the complexity that comes with setting these snare wires up.

The snare wires also have anti-choke plates that raise the coils off the edge. This is important because it cuts down the buzz and boosts the tension range. What this means is you’ll get better sounds when used with your snare drums.

Lastly, the 24 wire strands are made from excellent, first class material. Even with regular use the wire’s won’t break at all.

Highlighted Features
  • High quality 24 wires
  • Designed specifically for 14 inch snare drums
  • Brass coil generates excellent resonance
  • Easy to use
  • Buzz reduction built in

#4: Sabian SBPB42 42 Strand

Sabian Blend Phosphor Bronze 42 Snare Drum Wire, (SBPB42)
  • Catalog ID: SBPB42
  • An all new metal blend created and optimized for a tight sound
  • Secret Bronze formula developed specifically for snare applications
  • An especially tight wind delivers additional snare-to-drum head contact
  • Ideal for deep and/or wood snares where the added attack delivered with this blend can augment the natural performance of more open, less focused drum shells

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Sabian snare wires are known for their dependability, and this is an excellent example of that. The SBPB42 is built with demanding snare drummers in in mind, and that is evident from the way these have been put together.

The most notable aspect of the SBPB42 is that it is built with 42 wire strands. The high number of wires mean there is less unwanted noise and helps get rid of unwanted frequencies.

In particular the SBPB42i is very good at getting rid of excessive low frequencies. At the same time the snare wires ensure your snare still has a clear sound that won’t get drowned out.

In addition, the wire produces that distinct Sabian sound. I have used a lot of wires and I can say that this is well defined. This has a lot to do with its design and the bronze and phosphor combo.

As far as application goes the SBPB42 can be used for different kinds of music, and this is the type of versatility that drummers need. No matter the music genre you’re playing, you’re going to stand out as the wire just sounds different.

The wires’ versatility allows you to play drums in various ways. But the one thing that’s certain is that the tone is refined and crisp.

Highlighted Features
  • 42 high quality wires
  • Tight wind for better audio
  • Made from high quality metals
  • Improves your drum’s low end
  • Generates crisp sounds

#5: Gibraltar SC-4467 Snare 14 Inch/20 Strand

Gibraltar SC-4467 Snare 14 Inch/20 Strand
  • 20-Strand Strainer for 14" Snare Drum
  • The Gibraltar 20-strand Strainer is designed to fit many Manufacturer's 14" Snare drums
  • Primarily designed for jazz, rock, and concert performance applications such as field marching corps or similar situations
  • The Package Dimensions of the Product is 1.27cm H x 41.91cm L x 10.92cm W

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if you’re after the best snare wires for metal and other genres, the SC-4467 is one that should be on your watchlist. There is no lacking of quality snare wires in thee market, but this is one that delivers performance that others will find hard to match

It is equipped with 20 strands that have been built for use with 14 inch snare drums. These underwent the rigid testing process that all Gibraltar products undergo, and it is also built with versatility in mind with no need for tinkering.

The company has earned a solid reputation for their drums, and this is evident here. Some snare wires are built only for a specific type of music. In the case of the SC-4467, you’ll be able to use it for rock, jazz, metal and others.

The wires are easy to set up and offer a lot of flexibility. This is what allows you to create music the way you want.

There are a lot of high end snare wire drums, but this is the one that is capable of delivering quality performance regardless of the genre. When used with a snare drum, you ‘ll hear the impact as the tone is refined and clear.

Highlighted Features
  • Built specially for 14 inch snare drums
  • Can be used for rock, jazz and other types of music
  • Durable enough for use in concerts
  • Compatible with a lot of popular snare drums
  • Easy to install

 Why You Need a Snare Wire?

You need snare wires because they add character to your snare drum.  If you want your snare drum to have that buzz and rattle when you hit it, then you’ll need a snare wire.

A snare wire also provides your drums with a good deal of flexibility. By using quality snare wires, you’re gong to have more options on how you want to play the drums.

Well designed snare wires also impact your drum’s sound. With it you’ll be able to experiment and try all kinds of music. The fact is you can’t do without wires for snare drums.

How to Choose a Snare Wire

The first thing you need to do is a snare wires comparison. This will give you the means too pick out wires that will work for your snare drum.

The Music You Play

The type of music you play will determine what kind of snare wire is most suitable. Some snare wires are all purpose, while others are for aggressive play. Still others are aimed at smoother, more refined music.

Ease of Use

A good snare wire should be easy to set up. After all you don’t want to spend all time trying to get the wires to work.


Make sure the wire is compatible with the snare drum you’re using. Most wires are for 14 inch snare drums so this probably won’’t be a problem anyway. But if you have a custom snare, m make certain that it fits.

Brand Quality

You’re not going to buy a drum set from an unknown brand will you? The same rule should apply to snare wires. Always look for those brands that have experience in this field and have gotten good feedback from the public.

Things To Consider Before Buying Snare Wires

Buying a snare wire is easy, but you need to be careful and make sure that it is what you need. Here are the factors to consider.

Number of Wires

The standard is 20 wire strands, but there are options for 24, 30, 42 and so on. The more wires does not necessarily mean it will sound better, only different. Just try out the different snare wires and see which one works for you.

Materials and Thickness

Whether you’re looking for the best snare wires for rock, jazz and other genres,  the materials and thickness of the wire come into play.

The regular materials used for snare wires produce a fast, crisp attack. If you opt for high grade steel alloy, it produces a more sensitive and papery effect. The sound also changes if you use snare wires of varying thickness.

Final Verdict

As I mentioned before at the beginning, snare wires are very important and that you need to make sure that you use only the best. That is why I made certain to choose only the top 5 so you don’t have to waste time looking and comparing on the Internet.

As good as the five are, there is one that stands above the rest, and that is the PureSound Super 30 Series Snare Wire.

What really gives this wire the edge is its superior quality. The wire strands are exceptionally good. It’s versatile too so it wasn’t that hard to name it as the best snare wires I can recommend.

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