The 5 Best P90 Guitars Reviews

Who says the P90 pickup is outdated? If that’s not you, then here you can find the best P90 guitars to help you get that terrific tone.

Some people still want to look for the best P90 Guitars even though technically these P90 pickups can be considered outdated technology.

But it’s hard to deny the pleasure of playing these guitars. After all, this is the kind of guitar that the Beatles used for all their albums!  It’s hard to ignore the lure of high volume matched with a powerful treble that can really boost your punk music.

So here’s a guide to the best P90 guitar models you can find for your money. This article will offer great guitar options, as well as a buying guide for you to consult.

Top 5 P90 Guitars : Comparison Chart

Type of Body Wood
View on Amazon
20 x 46.75 x 8.5 in
8 pounds
17.7 x 43 x 5 in
12 pounds
44 x 18 x 8 inches
20 pounds
17.1 x 44 x 7 in
8.75 pounds
46 x 21 x 4 inches
12 pounds

Best Pick of  P90 Guitars Reviews

#1: Godin 5th Avenue CW Electric Guitar

Unlike many other US-brand guitars that are currently made in Asian factories, this Godin is made in North America. That can assuage your concerns regarding quality, but it does tend to result in higher prices. Still, you do get a lot more for your money than just more stringent quality control.

What will first grab your attention here is its look. It has an unmistakable vintage design, that’s been upgraded by a rounded cutaway that evokes its acoustic origins.

Godin 5th Avenue CW Electric Guitar (Kingpin II, Burgundy)
  • Made in North America
  • Double-Action Truss Rod
  • Canadian Silver Leaf Maple Neck
  • Cut-away Body
  • 2 Godin Kingpin P90 single-coil pickups

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Then there’s the body of the guitar, which isn’t maple or mahogany. It’s wild cherry, and with the lamination it sure looks cool.

Its tone has a lot of verve, as it can deal with ferocious growls and clean articulation with equal capacity. It offers a more balanced attack than other good guitars with p90s.

The tone you get actually sounds quite creamy and smooth, so if you want to experiment with other musical styles (other than rock) then this is the versatile instrument you can use. That tone will suit jazz, folk music, and the blues.

This is a hollowbody guitar, so it’s fairly light and therefore easier and more comfortable to play. The neck is also a bit higher compared to other guitars, so you can get a comparatively higher action.

You get 2 Godin P90 pickups with this guitar, and naturally these pickups have this retro styling as well. That helps complete the visual appeal of this charming guitar. With its unique look and versatile tone, it’s a serious contender for best p90 guitar under $1000.


#2: Epiphone WILDKAT Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Bigsby Tremelo

Now this may come in at less than half the price of the Godin 5th avenue, but no one can seriously believe that it’s only half as good. After all, the Epiphone mission is to provide Gibson-quality guitars to people who can’t afford Gibson guitars. And this one offers a whopping amount of value for a reasonable amount of money.

Part of the reason for the lower price is that it’s a semi-hollowbody, so it doesn’t use as much wood material as a solid body. Also, it’s a bit smaller too, though it’s still a bit bigger than a Les Paul.

Epiphone WILDKAT Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Bigsby Tremelo, Natural
  • Mahogany body
  • Flame Maple top
  • P-90 Dogear Classic pickups
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 24.75 scale

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These 2 characteristics also make the Wildkat much easier and more comfortable to play, especially if you’re not that big.

The construction starts with a solid mahogany that’s responsible for giving you the marvelous sustain. Epiphone uses a special computer program to design this particular body to somehow mimic the body of an acoustic guitar.

That mahogany is then layered with a gorgeous natural finish which results in the semi-hollow design.

The neck is mahogany too, and that contributes to the excellent sustain and tone. For greater versatility, it has a B70-licensed Bigsby vibrato along with a rosewood fingerboard.

Finally, you have 2 Epiphone “dog ear” P- 90 Classic pickups to give you that vintage tone you’re looking for. You have the Locktone Tune-o-matic and the StopBar bridge.

The controls are quite unique in their configuration. You have a knob for the master volume, the master tone, the neck volume and the bridge volume. The tuning is very stable due to the premium 16:1 Grover machine heads.

Highlighted Features
  • It has a mahogany body for that dark and warm tone that helps with the articulation of the P90s.
  • It has maple for the top wood to help in making the tone deeper and somehow sweeter.
  • It’s very easy to tweak the sound of the Wildkat to suit your mood.
  • The build is extremely reliable.
  • It’s very durable as well.

Epiphone WILDKAT Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Unbox and Quick Fixes:

#3: Gibson Memphis ES3014VBNH1 1959 ES-330 Historic Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

Do you want to travel back in time and find out how it would feel to play a vintage 1959 guitar? Somehow it’s possible as Gibson has revived the 1959 ES-330. Even if you get a brand new guitar, it doesn’t seem that way. With the retro-looking hardware and the dullness of the finish, it’s like playing with a medieval violin.

Of course, having P90 pickups adds to its vintage vibe. This particular model comes with the Vintage Burst finish, so of course it will have a look that suggests that it has aged a bit.

Gibson Memphis ES3014VBNH1 1959 ES-330 Historic Hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst
  • 100% American made, in Memphis TN Non-Spliced Plain Maple veneers with a Nylon Nut and Historic Vintage White Button Tuners
  • Aniline Dye Neck Filler and Accurate Historic colored Binding with Hot-hide glue Neck joint
  • Spruce Top Bracing with "MHS P-90s" with Alnico III Magnets in the neck and Alnico II Magnets in the bridge

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Instead, it conveys the look of a guitar that’s been around for the last 50 years. At least it seems like someone really pampered this guitar for that long. It’s unique in its looks, and its understated charm has an appeal of its own.

The shape of the mahogany neck is nicely substantial and comfy when you handle this guitar. The way the fret has been optimized and how the fingerboard has been rounded, it somehow makes you think that this is a guitar that you’ve been playing for a very long time. Add the light weight and you sure do have a very comfy guitar to play.

The sound you get will amaze you with its warmth and clarity. The notes are distinct and balanced, and the components combine to add an undertone of vibrancy.

Plug it in, and you’ll love the gloriously fat and clear tone. That’s true with the neck pickup as well as the bridge pickup.

The P90s here are very similar to vintage specifications. So the tonal range is more balanced and clear. It offers you a lot of versatility in the character of your music, and you can do rockabilly, blues, and even vintage country.

Highlighted Features
  • The chiming nature of the tone makes it great for rock and the blues.
  • You get fine reverb and warmth with the hollow body.
  • Lower the volume and it sounds very jazzy.
  • It’s very comfy to play due to its light weight.

#4: Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 Electric Guitar Worn Cherry

There are quite a few reasons to explain the fame of the Gibson brand, and one of them is the legendary Gibson Les Paul. This is an excellent guitar to be sure, but it’s also quite expensive.

However, you can enjoy the qualities of the Les Paul with this fine Epiphone version. Don’t worry about faithfulness—Gibson owns Epiphone anyway, so everything’s on the up and up.

Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 Electric Guitar Worn Cherry
  • Body Body shape: Single cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Not applicable Body wood: Mahogany Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: SlimTaper D Neck wood: Mahogany Joint: Bolt-on Scale length: 24.75" Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Gloss Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 12" Fret size: Medium Number of frets: 22
  • Mahogany Les Paul body features Epiphone P90R and P90T Soap Bar pickups producing huge, FAT single coil tones, and an adjustable wrap-around bridge/tailpiece for maximum edge and sustain
  • Case sold separately
  • Mahogany Les Paul body features Epiphone P90R and P90T Soap Bar pickups producing huge, FAT single coil tones, and an adjustable wrap-around bridge/tailpiece for maximum edge and sustain
  • Case sold separately

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The main problem is that Epiphone guitars are famous for being terrific in quality while cheap in price. That’s especially true with this Les Paul Special I P90.

The value for money is so good that’s even non-expert guitar players recognize how great of a deal this thing is. That’s why whenever this gets sold, it sells out very quickly.

This is a single cutaway guitar with a solid body, with mahogany for the body and neck. You have the P90R neck pickup along with the P90T bridge pickup. There’s a 3-way pickup switch along with controls for the master volume and tone.

All specs aside, you basically have a guitar that absolutely sings in high and low bite. Playing it is a pleasure. The effect is greatly magnified by the low price—it’s hard to fathom how a guitar this affordable can be so good.

#5: Epiphone CASINO Thin-Line Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst

Now if you have the budget for a midrange guitar with P90 pickups, you may want to think about this Epiphone Casino. After all, this is the guitar that contributed greatly to the sound of the Beatles. This is the guitar that you can hear in every Beatles recording session.

Epiphone launched this as their version of the Gibson ES-330, but this actually outshone the original. It’s a classic design, highlighted by 2 P90s along with a hollow body.

Epiphone CASINO Thin-Line Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst
  • Timeless 6-string electric guitar famous for its sparkling sound heard on classic tunes made by bands like the Beatles
  • Vintage sunburst finish. Guitars are hand painted and there will be variances between individual guitars in color.
  • Thin-line full-hollow construction, twin P-90 pickups, and streamlined neck
  • Made with a select maple body and top with f-holes, trapeze tailpiece, mahogany neck
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Laminate Maple body
  • Dogear P-90 Classic pickups

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That’s the same design you get with this version. The new Casino guitars are based on the vintage models of the Beatles era.

It’s just that these newer guitars enjoy the luxury of modern manufacturing—you consistently get a fantastic sound, gorgeous look, and an ideal neck with every guitar.

This uses a laminate maple wood for the body, and it also features f-holes and a mahogany neck. It also sports 2 dog-ear P90 classic pickups, the fretboard is made of rosewood, and it has a 24.5-inch scale length.

Since it uses the classic Alnico P-90T and P-90R dog-ear pickup combo, you have the ideal mix of growl and chime effects for your tone. It offers an outstanding high output and sharp treble response.

The tone can even sound like a horn at times, so it’s great for jazz and R&B. Since it is hollow, the weight is also comfy for playing for long hours.

Highlighted Features
  • You get that nice retro guitar look of the 1960s.
  • The Epiphone pickups really result in an unforgettable tone. You get that clear tone that really rings.
  • It’s very comfy to play.
  • It’s durable enough that it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


What Are P90 Guitars?

When we talk about the top P90 Guitars, we’re talking about guitars with the P90 pickup. This is the pickup that Gibson started to use on its guitars in 1946.

However, Gibson launched the double-coil humbucker pickup to replace the single-coil P90. That’s why many who like humbuckers think that the P90 is somewhat obsolete.

The P90 isn’t like other single-coil pickups, which tend to lack body in their tone. On the other hand, humbuckers also don’t produce the twang of the high end bite as well as the midrange growl that you can get from the P90.

In addition, these P90 pickups have a terrific response, pristine articulation, and a lot of volume that goes well for many types of music. These guitars are great for rock, along w3ith country and jazz.

Still, the volume, high-end bit and the midrange growl are all great reasons why hordes of rock guitarists may want to go for the P90.

The most famous guitarists who used P90 guitars consistently include Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols along with Mick Jones of the Clash. The Beatles used them a lot as well.

Other famous musicians who have used P90 many times include Santana, Neil Young, and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.

But not all P90 guitars are the same. To choose the right one for you, check out the next section…

How to Choose a P90 Guitar

There are several factors to consider when you’re buying a P90 guitar aside from the pickup. The first thing you need to consider is the brand and the price. If you have the money, then obviously you should go for the Gibson.

But if you don’t have the budget, you can always try Epiphone. This is a brand that’s known to provide Gibson-quality guitars at a fraction of the Gibson price.

Other factors that you need to consider include the design of the body. You can go for hollow body as that will give you a lighter weight, though you need excellent wood on the body to provide the warmth and depth for your tone. It can be a bother with the squeaks when you’re playing a bit too loudly.

A solid body on the other hand is not as susceptible to feed back when you’re playing at high gain. The tone quality is also more dependent on the quality of your pickup and other bits of hardware.

You can get the best of both worlds with a semi-hollow body. You don’t get the loud squeals as often as with a hollow body, and it’s lighter than a solid body. But it can be a bit hard to play without getting the feedback that you may get from P90 pickups.

Of course, the guitar has to be comfy to play, and you should be able to reach the higher frets. The sustain should be resonant, and the tone should be balanced. Make sure you check out the wood used for the body, as the higher end guitars use mahogany or maple.

To make sure your P90 guitar remains excellent, you have to know how to maintain it. Check out the tips in the following section.

How to Take Care of Your P90 Guitar

Taking care of your P90 guitar is a lot like taking care of any guitar. While you can probably fix a P90 pickup, you may want to take care of your guitar properly by not getting it broken in the first place.

You should have your guitar checked over every year by a qualified guitar technician so that proper maintenance can be performed on it.

In the meantime, you can do the basic stuff yourself. The first thing you need to do is to get a proper case for the guitar. You have to keep your instrument away from extreme heat and cold.

You need a cool and dry place to store your guitar, and you may want absorbent capsules inside the case to deal with excess moisture.

You should also “baby” the guitar. Think about buying a stand for the instrument, since propping it up by a wall is just too risky. It can fall on its side and then you’d have some damage.

Clean the wood of the guitar top, back, and sides. You can also buy polishes that are especially made for guitar wood. Use a dry piece of cloth to wipe down the neck, so you can extend the lifespan of your strings and your fretboard.

When you change your strings, you may as well dress the frets too. You need to get a toothbrush with very soft bristles, along with a little bit of soapy water. Then you can get rid of the accumulated grime, dirt, and oils (from your hands) on the fretboard.

Every now and then, check and retighten your hardware. Monitor your tuning machines, strap pins, and screws. Tighten them when they seem loose.

You should also use a metal-cleaning compound for your metal parts. By doing this regularly, you can help keep the nickel or chrome from tarnishing or corroding. Don’t overlook your bridge, pickup covers, and tuning buttons.

You should also keep playing, if you want to keep your best p90 pickups in peak condition. Somehow guitars deteriorate when they aren’t played for a long while.

So play your P90 guitar every day. While you’re at it, you also need to make sure that you’re not wearing a belt with a buckle that can scratch your guitar.

Final Verdict

Your budget and your personal preferences will determine the best P90 guitar for you, but these are the 5 models that won’t really bust your budget. But if we have to pick one among them, we’re going with the Godin 5th Avenue CW.

It gives you everything you may want from a P90 guitar. It has that unmistakable retro look that goes with the vintage tech of the P90 pickups.

You don’t get the annoying buzzing especially as you become better. You can play it comfortably. The sound is great and the look is gorgeous.

You get all this along with a very reasonable price, and it’s no wonder that everyone who has bought it seems to rave about it. We’re raving about it too, and so will you. We have listed the 5 Best P90 Guitars but the Godin 5th Avenue is something special.


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