Honest Deering Goodtime Banjo Review

Looking for a unique Banjo? You searched a lot and many recommended the Deering Goodtime? We’ll tell you all you need to know about that special banjo.

This banjo is perfect for beginners and intermediate musicians alike. It’s durable, light-weight, it has the best sound, and it’s easy to use.

Deering Goodtime banjo

Deering Goodtime Description

After reading the musician’s reviews from different sites about the Banjo, we decided to talk in detail about what makes it special. We’ll also talk about its different features, pros, cons and people’s reviews.

The aim of this review is to help you decide whether you shall find what you need in this Banjo or not.

Deering Goodtime Features

Light and Easily Used

The Deering Goodtime Banjo has a slim structure to be easily played by anyone, even beginners. It’s a perfect choice for people with small hands or who can’t carry heavy stuff for any reason.

Ready Once out of the Box

Most banjos require some adjustments before being ready to use. What we love about Deering Goodtime is that it doesn’t come in pieces that need to be assembled. You only need to adjust the bridge and tune the strings and then you’re ready to play some incredible music.

Tunning the banjo requires some skills and it’s learned over time, so if you don’t know how to tune it, you can watch some videos to help you or you can go for a professional music store near you.

Strong and Durable Materials

Deering Goodtime was created using stunning and durable woods. Using rock maple around the neck was a good choice.

The rim which is the round part of the Banjo is a 3-ply maple. Moreover, the maple has a satin finish to make its touch smooth. The metal bits along with the brackets are plated with nickel.

An Adjustable Neck Piece

The tailpiece of the Banjo is where you can change the tone, so you can easily raise or lower the tailpiece to meet your desired tone.

Also because of the unique rim that holds the tailpiece, the quality of the sound is outstanding compared to other banjos.

Open Back Banjo

Open back banjos are better than resonator banjos. The open back is backless so nothing covers the sound.

Moreover, open-back gives softer sounds and mild sounds. So it is preferred in traditional and mountain music styles.

Deering Goodtime

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Advantages & Disadvantages

Like any other instrument, the Deering Goodtime has some unique features and some drawbacks that we shall cover.


  • Lightweight and easily used by beginners
  • Durable banjo that can last for years
  • Perfect sound and tone


  • Might be a bit overpriced

What Other Customers Think about Deering Goodtime

It’s always important to see other customer’s reviews and their opinion after using the product, so we gathered some reviews from different customers.

  • An 80-year-old beginner found that he can spend many hours practicing without feeling tired because of its lightweight.
  • Another one mentioned that it was perfect for learning and that he tried cheaper options but they weren’t a great choice. He also mentioned that he will upgrade from the same company.
  • According to an old musician, he loved how great the material is, and how light the banjo.


The Deering Goodtime is one of a kind banjo and this isn’t our opinion only. According to beginners and experts, that banjo has great qualities and it is worth every dollar.

The material used makes the banjo durable and perfect for many years. It’s light so you don’t need to worry about the hours you spend holding it. The banjo gives you soft and mild sound, thanks to its open back feature.

So if you’re still confused, read our review patiently and compare every feature to the one you have in mind. Then decide whether this is the one for you or not.

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