Honest Oscar Schmidt OB5 Banjo Review

A banjo can be a four, five, or six-string instrument. Each at different price points and levels of difficulty.

A five-string banjo is more familiar than the others. Oscar Schmidt OB5 is one of the best five-string banjo options out there, especially for left-handed people. It’s easily tuned and of good quality.

Oscar Schmidt OB5 banjo

Oscar Schmidt OB5 Description

Oscar Schmidt OB5 is a 5-string banjo. It comes with a removable resonator that sets the tunes on point.

Oscar Schmidt OB5 is an elegant design combining beauty and efficiency. It comes with 30 brackets that don’t only serve its design but also produces loud and sharp sounds.

One of the special features of Oscar Schmidt OB5 is that it comes in a style designed especially for left-handed musicians.

String instruments can be challenging for left-handed people. The neck of the instrument is often designed to be played by a right-handed musician. It’s good to see that Oscar Schmidt OB5 made it possible for everyone to play their favorite tunes.

You might need to do some extra installation, or tighten the strings on your own. But all in all, it’s not a huge deal.

Advantages & Disadvantages


Oscar Schmidt is a special type of banjo with extraordinary advantages compared to its price point.

  • It’s made of good quality materials
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It plays beautiful tunes due to the 30 brackets around it
  • It comes with a removable resonator
  • It’s on the affordable side concerning the price range


Although Oscar Schmidt OB5 is an amazing choice, it’s only fair to put out the challenges you may face as well.

  • You might have to install the banjo’s bridge yourself.
  • You have to tighten up the strings occasionally.
Oscar Schmidt OB5

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What Other Customers Think about Oscar Schmidt OB5

  • People who have purchased Oscar Schmidt OB5 banjo have found it to be very sleek and pretty in design.
  • The majority of reviews agreed on it being a wise choice for beginners. It has a sharp and loud sound. However, for someone who is already a musician, it might not be completely satisfying.
  • The fact that it needs some setting up once it arrives can be a bit frightening, but it can be easily done within a few minutes. You can also take it to your nearest music shop to do it for you.
  • Even though it produces a good and loud sound, it’s not the loudest. This can actually be on the positive side when you’re still learning. This clear but moderate sound allows you to freely experiment with the instrument and spend more time on it.
  • Tightening the strings whenever needed makes a great difference in the pitch and quality of the sound. So as it may sound after some time that it’s losing its pitch. All you need to do is to tighten up the strings and the tunes are clear and sharp again.


Oscar Schmidt OB5 is a perfect choice for anyone who would like to start learning how to play banjos. It is also a good choice for anyone considering trying different types of banjos.

The way it’s beautifully designed and made with good quality, compared to its price range, makes it a bargain.

The balance between a banjo producing sharp tunes and good quality sounds can be hard to obtain within a budget-friendly price. The wish to try different types of banjos puts you in a pickle as well, as it’ll be such an expensive experience.

Oscar Schmidt OB5 made this balance applicable and attainable. It provides you with the quality you’re looking for while being quite affordable.

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