Honest Rover RB-20 Open Back 5 String Banjo Review

A long time ago, a good, sustainable banjo for a decent price. Now, with inflation and whatnot, a mid-range entry-level banjo costs a hefty price. Issues like this are why the Rover RB-20 exists.

It’s inexpensive, sturdy, and easy to haul around, but most of all; its quality is worth more than the price.

Rover RB-20 Banjo

Rover RB-20 Description

The Rover RB-20 is an open back five-string banjo that delivers both satisfying quality and affordability.

If you cut back on money, you cut back on quality. You sacrifice a good model for a lower cost, ending up with worse action and tuning pegs.

Resultantly, the progress you make with a solid mid-range banjo isn’t the same progress you make with a cheaper alternative.

When you forgo quality for money, your music education ends up suffering. The Rover RB-20 easily solves this problem.

Meant as an entry-level instrument for students, the Rover RB-20 optimizes accessibility for those less experienced while remaining faithful with its long-lasting performance.

Made of frosted mylar, the Rover RB-20 stretches into a graceful mahogany neck that offers a solid grip. It boasts both a standard 11” rim and standard spacing, accompanied by a Vegas-style armrest.

Featuring inlaid dot position markers, the truss rods are flexible and also adjustable.

With the Rover RB-20, you don’t have to worry about tuning either. Its geared tunes are much like that of a guitar. They’re additionally accompanied by a geared fifth peg featuring standard 25 ½” scale length.

It’s also important to remember that the Rover RB-20 was made for students in mind. It doesn’t try to appeal to professional banjo players but instead aims to give learners an avenue in which they start building their skills.

Rover RB-20

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Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has a good tone and intonation
  • It holds its tuning very well
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The mounting slots aren’t placed correctly
  • The slots in the nut are a little tight

What Other Customers Think about Rover RB-20

  • One player left a comment about a technicality, for those who are interested in an Irish Tenor banjo. He said that you can change the strings of the Rover RB-20 to G-D-A-E easily.
  • Another one left a remark about tuning, saying that there are even several mobile applications designed to help you tune your strings precisely to the correct frequency. Even the fifth tuning peg, which is prone to breaking off of the neck, can be glued back easily.
  • One customer had an interesting opinion about sound quality, she thought the Rover RB-20 had a beautifully rough growl. However, this isn’t always in line with everybody’s tastes.

    She adds that there are one or two tips to look out for in this case. One of them is to roll up washcloths in rubber bands and stuff them behind the bridge and tailpiece. The sound of the Rover RB-20 will automatically adjust itself accordingly.

  • An amateur player mentioned that it’s lightweight and portable, so bringing the Rover RB-20 to gatherings will be no problem.

    He believes that loaning the Rover RB-20 around shouldn’t make you worried. He explains further that it has a long lifetime of constant durability. The bottom line seems to be that the Rover RB-20 is simply made to last.


The Rover RB-20 should be what you’re looking at if you’re a beginner. It offers excellent quality for a humble price, especially when it comes to its numerous features. With a lovely tone and intonation, it’ll perform for you and your friends for years.

Everybody should start somewhere easy and accessible. The Rover RB-20 is that place.

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