Honest Resoluute 5-String Resonator Banjo Review

If you’re an aspiring musician searching for the best string instrument, then the Resoluute 5-String Banjo is exactly what you’re looking for. It offers easy usage, perfect string positioning, and a reasonable price

If you’re a professional player, you’ll love the varied notes that come out of it. Not to mention the way it looks.

Resoluute Five String Banjo


The Resoluute Five-String Banjo is a stunning mix between a mahogany wood design, a professional Remo drum-head, and a brass metal tension hoop. Such a combination is the main element to a beautifully composed music.

The smooth maple fingerboard will help beginners when changing chords. Moreover, the tuning pegs are quite easy to turn, not to mention sturdy and resilient. This is always a big plus in that type of instrument.

The banjo comes with a resonator to give it the bluegrass feel you’d like. The resonator can also be removed and the banjo can be played open-back for a quieter, and a more classical tone.

The sound quality produced by the Resoluute banjo is pretty impressive. That’s primarily due to its 24 brackets. You might want to be careful that it tends to be on the loud side. If you live in a small apartment, it could be audible next door!

The sound clarity isn’t the only special feature of the Resoluute banjo. It’s designed to play a wide span of notes. You can use it for classical pieces just as easily as modern ones. This makes it well suited for professional players as well.

Resoluute manufacturers are well aware that this instrument is popular among beginner players. That’s why they include a ‘Beginner Banjo Guide’ within the package. It’s a good first step to learn and practice the different chords.

This banjo comes to the users fully-assembled and ready for playing. This is another good feature that beginners would appreciate. Quite thoughtful and encouraging actually!


Resoluute five-string banjo

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Advantages & Disadvantages


  • The strings are positioned properly over the fingerboard
  • No room for buzzing or dead notes
  • Inexpensive, and at a great value for its price
  • The tone of the instrument is consistent and clear
  • Affordable
  • Easy to learn banjo with a detailed instruction guide
  • Has a removable resonator


  • Demands more effort than usual to tune it in
  • Its lightweight could cause fractions on some occasions
  • Quality of the brackets can be improved

What Other Customers Think

  • One customer said, that his grandfather used to play the banjo, and Such memory has encouraged him to start learning how o play the banjo. A couple of trusted friend recommended the Resoluute Five-String Banjo for him.

    He adds, that it’s well made and that the tone of it is great. Also, the removable back of the instrument has made it easier for him to choose his style. The bottom line is, he’s totally pleased with the purchase.

  • Another customer’s opinion was that she hasn’t expected such good quality for that moderate price. Both the looks and sound of the banjo amazed her.
    She explained further, that you wouldn’t spend a fortune to learn the banjo if you buy the Resoluute.


Banjos are the rising musical instrument of the old cultures. With its unique shape and beautiful sound, banjos attract more and more people to learn it every day.

Besides being a well-designed instrument, this banjo can be used with or without its resonator. Such a feature gives it an additional advantage and great value for money.

The Resoluute 5-String Banjo is an excellent choice for beginners. With its lightweight and smooth fingerboard, you’ll be able to produce rich sounds with minimal effort. This banjo will also keep your wallet safe with its budget-friendly prices.

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